The Core Idea Behind Minfert

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The mineral based organic fertilizer company is a new venture of 20 Microns Limited. It comes from a state of the art research centre and technical expertise in the field of organic farming, and offers a range of organic mineral based fertilizer, insecticides and soil conditioners to gain better yield and quality crops.

In today’s world, harmful and toxic synthetic chemicals that come from chemical fertilizers are affecting the human lives drastically. To overcome these challenges, 20 Microns has taken an initiative to develop an alternative solution towards organic farming, crop protection and landscape management so that we can contribute to the improvement of people’s lives with better farming solutions.

Our range of products has been recreated to provide better organic solution for the agriculture, fertilizer & crop protection industry.

Team Minfert

Cost Saving

BLK & GBR are the overall package, it not only provides basic nutrients N:P:K but also provides the micro nutrients.

Pellet form

Being in pellet form it dilutes slowly over time to give nutrients to the plants as and when required.

Yield Quantity

Provides Zinc, Boron, Magnesium and Calcium along with N:P:K. This helps with uniform growth and enables better lowering and setting, which ultimately leads to increases in yields of crops.

Healthy and Eco-friendly

Our all fertilizers include ingredients procured from mother nature. It increases fertility and health of your soil. Food grown without chemical interference saves you from various health problems which might occur otherwise.

MINFERT - BLK | Finely blended with high concentration of mineral elements in Granular form. It is a 100% organic product, rich in silicone and organic matter.

Double Microbial Activity | Organic matter in Minfert fertilizers works as a food for the earthworms and other good bacteria in soil. This in turn increases aeration and production.

Minfert - GBR | It is a 100 % organic product mix of selective mineral properties which enhances soil fertility.

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