Blk, Gbr, Geocare & Humicrons works as a plant growth stimulator, it not only provides basic nutrients N:P:K but also provides the micronutrients


Whenever you water the plants, being in pellet form, it dilutes slowly over a period of time and to give nutrients to the plants like food every day. It also holds moisture for few days so if you are out don't worry to water every day Minfert plant growth promoters take care of that


Provides primary, secondary and tertiary nutrients to plants. This helps with consistent growth and works as a enhancer for better flowering


All our plant growth enhancers include ingredients procured from mother nature. It increases the fertility and health of your soil. Food grown without chemical interference saves you from various health problems which might occur otherwise.

Our Products

Natural Products To Enhance Plant Growth.


The plant food manufacturer MINFERT is a new venture of 20 Microns Limited. It comes from a state of the art research centre and technical expertise in the field of farming and offers a range of mineral-based plant food, insecticides, and soil conditioners to gain better yield and quality crops.

In today’s world, harmful and toxic synthetic chemicals that come from chemical fertilizers are affecting the human lives drastically. To overcome these challenges, 20 Microns has taken the initiative to develop an alternative solution towards organic farming, crop protection, and landscape management so that we can contribute to the improvement of people’s lives with better farming solutions.

Our range of plant growth stimulators has been recreated to provide a better natural solution for the agriculture, plant growth & crop protection industry.

Team Minfert

Unlike most fertilizers which dissolve immediately in water, Minfert plant food being in pallet form dissolves slowly and serves as food for the crops, which they can consume little by little every day, like most other living creatures.
The organic matter in Minfert plant food works as food for the earthworms and other good bacterias in soil. This, in turn, increases aeration, nitrogen fixation, and all the other benefits that entail due to the presence of microbial activity in the soil.
Minfert brings in the perfect combination of organic fertilizers with the right minerals to nourish the plants in the right way. To break it down, Minfert produces two products which are Minfert|BLK, and Minfert|GBR which are organic mineral plant food.
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