It was a huge breakthrough in agriculture when synthetic and chemical fertilizers were
discovered and mass produced. They supplemented the production of crops and made them
grow much faster than ever known before. Then came all the talk about the negative effects of
chemical based fertilizers. The numerous harmful effects of the chemical fertilizers included
several health risks, destruction of soil over time and death of all the beneficial soil bacteria.
However, there were no solutions offered to this problem and most farmers decided that the
benefits of chemical fertilizers were too great to give up. Finally, when the benefits of the newly
introduced organic farming were revealed, many turned to the environment friendly fertilizers but
did not get as many results as the chemical fertilizers due to lack of specific nutrient targeting.
Thus, many went back to heavy use of chemical fertilizers due to inadequate alternative.
Not all hope is lost because this is where 20 Microns’ Minfert brings in the perfect combination
of organic fertilizers the right minerals to nourish the plants in the right way. To break it down,
Minfert produces two product which are Minfert|BLK and Minfert|GBR which are organic mineral
fertilizers. These fertilizers are produced with the newest technology and packaged in the pallet
form. These organic mineral fertilizers contain important minerals such as zinc, boron,
magnesium and calcium along with the traditional N:P:K for uniform growth. These products
serve as the vital supplements that are needed in addition to the traditional fertilizers added to
the crops. For example, it is known how most people take vitamin or mineral supplements
​in addition to their regular 3 meals a day to improve their health and boost the body’s growth and
functioning. And in the same way, when Minfert’s organic mineral fertilizers are added to the
crops along with the traditional fertilizers, they supplement the growth of the plants and increase
the overall yield by also improving the soil quality.
Minfert|BLK and Minfert|GBR also address one of the biggest concerns of the farmers, where
they have to constantly keep adding fertilizers different times when the crops need it. However,
with the new pallet form technology, this concern is addressed. Minfert’s organic fertilizers
should be added during the planting period dissolve slowly in water instead of getting washed
away with rain. So from the time the seeds are sown till the moment they’re harvested, the
organic mineral fertilizers provide various minerals exactly when they are needed by the plants
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