Why Organic Fertilizers should be the first and the only choice of Gardeners, Farmers and Professional Landscapers for better yield even in red-hot Summer?

The use of organic fertilizers for gardening, landscaping, lawn care, and even large-scale farming is increasing like never before as the farmers and gardeners are getting aware about the amazing benefits of organic fertilizers for plants and crops. Still, there are many who strongly support the use of harmful synthetic fertilizers because they believer while organic fertilizers may be naturally derived and have no side effects, they do not offer sufficient benefits to use over synthetic fertilizers. On the contrary to this belief, it is a proven fact that organic fertilizers do have a number of advantages over the chemical fertilizers.

organic fertilizer for plants

Although Organic Fertilizers come with the number of valuable benefits, there are two mind-blowing benefits of Organic Fertilizer that may come handy especially in summers when there is not enough water and the soil quality also tends to degrade due to the uneven environment:

Plant Growth

Organic fertilizers provide essential nutrients to plants that enhance their overall growth and prove to be way far gentler on them as compared to the unhealthy and harmful chemical fertilizers. While the plants absorb synthetic fertilizers too quick during the summers, organic fertilizers are not in a form, which can be immediately absorbed; instead, they take sufficient amount of time to break down into forms that plants can absorb. This makes organic fertilizers the best fertilizers for plants and crops during summer.

Soil Improvement

Not only Organic Fertilizers help the plant growth but they also improve the soil quality by strengthening the soil structure and nutrient content. While synthetic fertilizers potentially harm the plants, soil and the water resources, Organic fertilizers have no such side-effects and act well even in scorching summer. They also help the soil to retain the moisture and nutrients at its best. Organic based fertilizers come with an added advantage of improving the overall soil fertility.

Furthermore, it is very important to understand the climate in summer as tends to be very tricky at times. Climate often takes a toll on soil making it difficult for plants to grow if proper care is not taken in time. Synthetic fertilizer, in lack of sufficient water supply, may cause stress to the plants and often result in fertilizer burn to them whereas, organic fertilizers are the natural source of fertilization and are processed from natural sources such as compost manure, fish meal and more. It is therefore not recommended to use synthetic fertilizer during the summer, as this will promote burning.

There are number of organic fertilizers for plants and crops available in the market that can be efficiently used for the better and healthy growth of the crops that can result in larger yield and productivity. Minfert offers some of the best organic fertilizers that are purely mineral based and comes with no side-effects. Moreover, they come in palette form making it really slow to dilute therefore providing enough nutrients to the plants as and when required.  Know more about Minfert and its innovative products only at, https://minfert.in/organic-mineral-fertilizer/

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