Sooner or later, everyone wants to get the most of their veggie gardens. And that comes with smart feeding. Fortunately, Minfert|Blk liquid is an invaluable trendy juice for every home gardener. It’s like plants on organic steroids for faster growth.

Why is Minfert liquid blk important?

Double the taste. Triple the quality. It’s always easier to send over food to our beloved shrubs with sprays than messing around soil-like composts, especially to the little weaker ones that need our extensive care.

Though the liquid is not a substitute for healthy soil, it’s a fantastic fit for plants required to be misted and run short of nutrients.

The liquid enhancer is instrumental in feeding plants, ensuring better yields, and preventing plant culture issues.


Plants have their food ready

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Goodbye unhealthy-salty soil

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Faster delivery of nutrients

What does it do?

Minfert | BLK is a 100% natural product to enhance plant growth. BLK Liquid supports faster growth of plant, Improves the quality of crop, makes it immune against pest, diseases and virus, makes soil rich ad fertile in nutrients. supports plant to some extent in drought like condition or shortage of water.

How to use

FARM USE: Drip irrigation: Get 4 liters for 1 bigha land, Foliar spray: Mix 4 liters per 200 liters of water

For Home Gardens: BLK Liquid is incredibly useful and specially modified for your home garden needs.  | BLK is created so that your plant can take care of itself. To get the best results, add 40 ml Minfert | BLK in 20 liter of water Then, unlike other fertilizers.

Where to use

Minfert-BLK Liquid is easily the most versatile plant growth promoter, Minfert-blk is adaptable on any soil and crop.

Preferable for cotton, tobacco, sugarcane, soybean, and oilseeds, the spray also homes plentiful harvests for vegetables like brinjal, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, chilies, cucumber, onion, etc.

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