Minfert | BLK is a best compost for veggie gardens. It is very useful in improving the physical properties of soil and helps in the development of white root system of vegetables.

Why is organic mineral pallets important?

Minfert | BLK exists in a uniquely crafted pellet form, and the concept behind it is simple: In traditional farming, the farmers will haphazardly add fertilizers around their crops and plants when they feel necessary. However, this causes the plants to absorb only a small fraction of the manure while the rest goes to waste. This process is repeated all season, leading to a lot of waste. However, Minfert | BLK is different. It should be added along with the traditional fertilizer at the time of sowing and plantation. Then unlike most fertilizers which dissolve immediately in water, BLK dissolves slowly and serves as food for the crops, which they can consume little by little every day, like most other living creatures.   


Improves physical, chemical & biological properties by reducing salts present in the soil.

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Improves the quality of all type of crops, vegetables, and helps increase soil porosity & stimulates nutrient absorption.

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Easy to apply as it is available in 10 mm size granules.

What does it do?

Minfert | BLK is a 100% natural product to enhance plant growth. BLK is useful to improve the physical properties of soil. It enhances the development of white root system. Minfert | BLK also increases the soil microbes and resistance power of the plant, which allows it to fight against pests and diseases. It is vital for the overall development of crops.

How to use

FARM USE: Mix 5 kg Minfert-BLK with any manure/fertilizer for 1 bigha land.

For Home Gardens: BLK is a micronutrient that is incredibly useful and specially modified for your home garden needs. Crafted in its noodle structure, Minfert | BLK is created so that your plant can take care of itself. To get the best results, add 3-4 tablespoons of Minfert | BLK in 1 planter, mix well in soil. Then, unlike other fertilizers, it dissolves slowly and acts as ‘food’ for the plant, providing all the right nutrients day after day, leading to miraculous results.

Where to use

Minfert-BLK Practically can be used on any soil and crop. It gives best results in Cotton, Tobacco, Sugarcane, Soybean all type of Oilseeds, and all vegetables like Brinjal, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Cabbage, Chillies, cucumber, Onion, etc.

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