Tiger booster is an organic liquid micronutrient that accelerates biological activities in Crops. Tiger Booster is a rich source of micro-bacteria that stimulate plant growth.  

And helps in fertility, vegetable growth and better quality yield. Tiger Booster includes Nitrogen Fixtures, Phosphorus Solubilizers, Actinomycetes and Coog The presence of many beneficial  microorganisms activates the soil and increases crops yield. Tiger booster makes alluvial soil, favorable conditions to flourish plants. 

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Why Minfert tiger booster vital?

  • Maintains pH level and minerals in plant
  • Increase the fertility.
  • enhancing footholds of root.
  • rapidly gives nutrition and minerals over plant.

What does it do?

Minfert | Tigerbooster helps in gradually absorption of minerals in soil for all the type of crops. It improves the pH level and enhance crop yield. For better fertility of soil, Tigerbooster assists in nurturing the biological lives in the soil.

How to use

Add 50 ml TigerBooster in 15 ltr water, mix well and spray

Where to use

Useful for all crops.

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