Farmers around the country face a number of problems such as being largely dependent on weather conditions for crop growth. Of many battling such difficulties, those who have tried the Minfert’s fertilizers have realised that they can do wonders just by mixing a small proportion of Minfert|BLK or Minfert|GBR into their dosage of conventional fertilizers. Many even divided their land into two and treated one half with Minfert and left the other half untreated to observe results. And of all the farmers who tried it, each one had a positive experience and said that they definitely vouched for Minfert’s successful effect on their crop growth.

Nilesh bhai, a wheat farmer in Halol, was one of the first farmers to have tried Minfert’s GBR Organic Mineral Fertilizer. He added about 5 kilograms of Minfert|GBR with their dose of conventional fertilizer to half of his field and about 40 days later, saw serious difference between the growths in both halves. When asked about the growth in the treated half, Nilesh bhai said that the growth was significantly better, and even thicker stems started to appear within only 40 days of using Minfert|GBR. It was also clearly visible that the crop looked much greener and taller on the treated half. Nilesh bhai says that Minfert 100% benefitted his wheat crop and will use it in the future for his farming endeavours.

In the Banana farms of Godhra, Manish Bhai too decided to try the magic of Minfert’s products by treating 1 Bigha of his farm with one 5kg bag of Minfert|BLK and one 5 kg bag of Minfert|GBR. The results he obtained were “unprecedented” in his own words. After 2 months in the treated half, Manish bhai said that the banana crop was at least 2 feet longer than the treated half and was visibly greener. In addition, it was easy to see that in the treated half, the banana crops were tall and all of even height, while in the untreated half of the land, the banana crops were very uneven with some being tall and the other short. He mentioned that despite having used his conventional fertilizer in both the halves, the half where he added Minfert Organic Mineral fertilizers along with his original fertilizer, was where he saw great growth.


In Nasik, Navin Bhai’s corn fields too experienced the propelled growth brought forth by Minfert’s Organic Mineral Fertilizers. He had used one 5kg bag of Minfert|BLK for a part of his field and within a month, seen marvellous results. At the end of the month Navin Bhai was particularly fascinated by the difference he saw in the treated and untreated parts of his farm. He showed that the untreated part yielded one corncob per square unit, while the part of the farm treated with Minfert|BLK yielded 3 corncobs. In addition to this, he also held in his hand two corncobs from the treated and untreated parts and one could clearly see that the corncobs from the treated part were much longer and well-grown than the untreated yield. In parting, Navin bhai said that he only had one bag of Minfert|BLK that he had brought in for trial but he really wished that he had more. Moreover, he was determined to buy more bags of these organic mineral fertilizers and use them to the fullest because he absolutely loved the results he got.


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