Thrips Kranti is a combination of organic ingredients to kill thrips and other pesticides too.  our product helps to cure the harmful effects of thrips and micro-germs. Thrips Kranti is an organic medicine that prevents microbial effects causing in leaves, stems, roots. Thrips Kranti works in two ways, kills thrips, and also provides nutrients to the plant. Thrips Kranti can be used to prevent microbial infections over plants. Thrips destroyed the leaves, fruits and sprouts of the tree and have a very significant effect on the appearance of the plants. Fruits, flower and vegetable crops are susceptible to thrips damages from the evolution of thrips to the extreme prone conditions of the plant. Thrips Kranti is the best biological remedy for nurturing plants. 

Benefits of Thrips Revolution

Finds and kills thrips for targeted area Thrips Revolution is itself revolution to the fertility.

Symptoms of Thrips

  1. Leaves get succulent, brittle, with powdery mildew. 
  2. Leaves turn yellowish in color and curls up with spots. 
  3. It can also cure dusty coating leaves on downy Mildews.  

What does it do?

Thrips Kranti is a rebellion of thrips and other pesticides that demolish the growth of plants.

How to use

  • Initial stage of thrips

Take spray of 50 ml Thrips Kranti with 15 Ltr of water and spray over plants.

  • Extreme prone leaves

50 Ml of thrips Kranti and 50 Gm of Minfert Rescue power with 15 ltr of water.

Where to use

  • Vegetables/ Fruits/ Flowers
  • crops 
  • pulses 
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