Fertilizers supplement the nutrients already present in the soil. The fertilizing products can be vaguely classified as Organic or Natural Fertilizers and Synthetic or Man-Made Fertilizers. While synthetic or chemical fertilizers are concentrated, strong and quick enough to dissolve in the soil immediately, Organic Fertilizers for plants release nutrients slowly with time and often contain many other traces of elements that might be required by plants and crops for better and stronger growth.

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Organic Fertilizers The term ‘Organic’ refers to the labeling term, which indicates the food or other agricultural products that are produced from 100% natural products. From biological to mechanical to cultural practices, the products labeled with ’Organic’ must ensure that they promote ecological balance, conserve biodiversity, foster cycling of resources, and support a healthy environment. Being environmentally friendly and safe is a myriad of incredible benefits of using organic products for gardens, farming, and agriculture. Although there are numbers of benefits of Organic Fertilizers, let’s go through the top 10 of them and discover more about these natural products that can bring a huge positive change in the agricultural activities:
  1. Works Long, Stays Longer
Although chemical and organic fertilizers add almost the same nutrients to the soil, the later one works in a different way. Organic Fertilizers for soil works longer than the synthetic fertilizers by providing required nutrients to growing plants at the same time feeding the soil as well.
  1. Well-Balanced Content
Organic fertilizers offer a well-balanced blend of nutrient sources that are essential for the important microorganisms and earthworms living in the soil. These subterranean organisms are one of the many reasons for a fruitful and healthy soil structure. They help the plants to absorb nutrients effectively.
  1. Wide Variety Availability
Being extremely beneficial to the plants and crops, organic fertilizers are available in the number of varieties as per the targeted crops, unique requirement of farms, soil conditions, etc. It can be produced from natural waste, biomass products, fish emulsion, manure teas, sea-weed extract, etc.
  1. Environmentally Safe
Organic Fertilizers are way far safer to use as they are not as concentrated as synthetic fertilizers. Being ecologically and environmentally safe and non-toxic in nature, organic fertilizers are the best fertilizers for plants and crops in farming. Their regular usage doesn’t lead to pollution and contributes to the better tomorrow.
  1. Eliminates Contaminations
Use of organic fertilizers for farming helps in eliminating the unwanted and harmful contamination in the environment like surface water contaminations, underground water table, etc. They effectively help in the degradation of other natural substances present in the soil thereby enriching the soil contents. Moreover, one can never harm the plants by over-fertilizing the soil as organic fertilizers come without any side effects.
  1. Full of Nutrients
Unlike synthetic fertilizers that offer only primary nutrients to the plants, organic fertilizers go further with the micronutrients as well. Along with Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, it also comes with adequate levels of micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, and copper.
  1. Improves the Soil Condition
Organic fertilizers break down to improve the core structure of the soil and increase its ability to contain water and important nutrients for a longer period of time. Over a period of time, the regular and proper use of these natural fertilizers can result in healthy and stronger plants.
  1. Pocket-Friendly Fertilizers
These fertilizers are very friendly to the pockets of farmers, landscapers, and gardeners. Even homeowners can efficiently use natural fertilizers for personal gardens and have better results. These fertilizers come in a huge variety and too cheap as compared to over-expensive man-made fertilizers.
  1. Easy to Use
Organic fertilizers are extremely easy to use and offer harmless operations. These natural products can be easily applied without having any protective clothing or gadgets, which come pretty expensive these days. Its usage demands no professional knowledge and can be used by even an amateur farmer as well.
  1. Higher Percentage of Yield
Records show that proper and efficient application of organic fertilizers for farming and agriculture results in a greater and better percentage of yielding. Numbers of farmers are enjoying the endless benefits of fertilizers for their crops and plants. With time, natural plant food are proved to be very effective and beneficial to agricultural crops and plants. Organic fertilizers are biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, and extremely friendly to the environment. They provide a constant flow of important nutrients and restore the depleted vitamin and essential mineral content to the soil. These days, the number of good quality organic fertilizers is available in the market. Minfert offers some of the best organic fertilizers in India. Farmers, landscapers, gardeners, and homeowners from all around the globe are using its quality products for the better growth of plants. To know more about Minfert and its groundbreaking organic and mineral fertilizers, please click, https://minfert.in/


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