Anything that is organic or naturally made without losing its essence and properties are always good for health as well as for plants too.  How about if I say you can some of wastes as fertilizers after drying? You won’t get much excited, but you will definitely get excited if I say the banana can be used as fertilizers if you dry them. Oh my gosh? is that true. Yes, the dry banana peel as organic fertilizer to use  in your use in a best way in your farm.

Organic Fertilizer

The first thing what you have to do is collect some banana peels and make them dry. Then, follow the rest steps:

1- Dry the banana peels:

First of all, after collecting the peels, you have to do two steps either in one way or another. The first one, is keep the peels either in micr owen. If it sounds not cool for you, then you can use direct sun energy. Usage of electricity is hard for you to maintain then forget about heating up in microwne. You can dry in natural sunlight and collect it. The dried chips are then kept in soil along with plants and make them splashed with water droplets or pour water to it.

2- Add soil before planting:

Collect peels, lay down them either in paper plate or plastic plate. Boil them up around 170 -200 degrees. After this, you can notice there will be a colour fade from black to crispy.  Now, powder them into grain forms by some kind of process what you sue in kitchen. Just make it powdered. Now, it’s time to do some blending process. Mix them up with soil and keep it for plants and make them take it. This will enhance the all nutrients contents to plants.

3- Foliar spray method from Dried Banana peels:

It’s all blending here. All you have to do is mix up properly. You have to get some dried peels, few amount of egg shells and mix it up properly. Blend it, fellas. Now the blended has to transferred to a spray bottle and appropriate equal amount of water to it. Thus, it will make it mixed there too and spray it to plants. Its works like perfect and you can feel a comfort. In the sense you were using some kind of Foliar spray and giving all nutrients to plants. Awesome right!

4- Dehydration of Banana peels:

The banana peels after dehydration is perfect. This can really do a good job to flowers. All you need is dehydrator and dehydrate the banana peels at higher temperatures. After going through immense hot it will have turned in to a brownish colour. You must heat it up around 145 degrees, if you don’t have dehydrator it is possible to do with owen too. After cooling make them into powdered state by blending it up. After this keep this powder as side-dressing of your plants. This can do a very good job.

5- Dry peels with Your own window:

This is a very simple process no need to be expert to do. You need to change your windows into Fiberglass instead of metal one. Then you need to dry your collected peels around 7 hours, Keep the windows arranged such a way that the sunlight will fall on peels. Though, it looks like a long process to see result. It is definitely perfect after 4-5 days of consistency.

6- Use banana peels as medicine to keep insects:

We sometimes get so much disturbed by some flies in our garden, they use to come without our permission. Well, there are many medicines for that. Most of them are too dangerous and toxic in some way. It can even harm your plant. So, how if you make a special Medicine with banana peels you have?

All you need to do is mix it with vinegar and banana to throw out banana smell. Shake it properly, the failure of shaking may lead to no use. Now, make a plastic container to keep solution on it and make a small pathway or trap so that insects will get through it. Now, Bingo. They are trapped.

7- keep the Aphids army away:

There are some kind of small insects or flies’ who attack gardens and your farm. Aphids are one among them, they exploit to your garden without your permission and make them bad. So, the natural way to keep aphids away is to make sure you use banana peels. I don’t know why but they hate banana peels, the usage can keep aphids away from your garden. Now, roar yourself to aphids. “Stay out of my Garden or else I” screw you. “

8- Ferment You farms with peels:

All you have to do is make a solution with banana peels. This method works well and is widely adopted across the globe. Take few samples of peels and keep it in a water, apply some weights on above the jar or on what you kept the peels. Now keep it for weeks. The bacteria action will take the nutrients away from peels finally at the end of the day we use these waters to pour on plants. This will keep from enemies and keep it safe.

9- Banana Peel Vinegar Combo:

If your gardens some kind of flowers or plants who are acidic, some needs more amount of such nutrients for proper growth. For example, Blueberries. They need these contents. The Vinegar combo help a lot to enhance the amount of nutrients to plants and make them perfect. All you need is to spate peels and now keep it get in form of vinegar. This can be used for a best of nutrient essence in your farm.

10. Turn banana peels into compost pile:

After your usage keep or collect banana peels and if you don’t want just make an arrangement for a compost pile in your place, keep these peels in it and see the miracle. After few days in the end it will be converted into rich compost use these as a nutrients to your plants.


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