Minfert Plant growth 100% natural plant food & soil restorer. depleted soils of essential minerals & trace elements.

Minfert Plant growth

Nagen Bhai Patel from Chotta Udaipur got 50 mann more per Vigha in corn farm.

Minfert Results on cauliflower better yield, bigger vegetable comparison with non used area.

Tobacco Farm with great results than other side of farm even with a gap of  10 days.

Dashrath Bhai getting earlier and better results form Minfert helping is shortening a season by few days and reaping better rates.

Devaji Dabhi from raipur, Gujarat used Minfert – GBR on Bajra (Pearl Millet).

Bhavesh Patel, A farmer talking on color difference after using Minfert fertilizers

Nilesh Bhai, a farmer talking on growth,  faster sprouts and grains on the wheat crop.

Hasmukh Bhai, A farmer talking on flowering count on chillies.  

Corn farmer got greater height in corn plants compared to plot where not used. Check it to believe it.

Corn farmer used Minfert – GBR got double results.

Banana farmer used Minfert –  BlK & GBR. for equal fruiting size and quantity.

Egg Plant (Baingan)  growth comparison.

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